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Bushel Trucks

The workhorse of any job site, our bulk trucks give you the absolute best quality at half-the price of the name brand. Premium casters will keep your wheels moving and your workers working. Quality Holding's Bushel Trucks are leak-proof and handle even the messiest projects. If you want, we can add a leak-proof drain hole to make your job even easier.
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Laundry Carts

Quality Holding's Laundry Carts are, hands-down, the industries most reliable and affordable laundry carts in the business. Catering to the most demanding customers in hospitality and healthcare, we pride ourselves on the design, construction and durability of our laundry carts. Easy on and off of any elevator, easy access to that very last set of towels and sheets. Lock the laundry cart easily with our secure and durable lid. data sheet

Leg Tanks

You will find countless ways to put Quality Holding's Leg Tanks to work. The Leg Tanks are sturdy and durable, allowing you to hold virtually any liquid over any terrain. Made right here in the USA, our Leg Tanks come in three sizes: 130 gl. 225 g. 335gl. and 535gl. You can load it in the back of a pickup truck or mount it on a stand near your job site - Perfect! Our high-grade materials comply with federal food safety guidelines, so you can even hold potable water. data sheet

Totes and Bins

Quality Holdings makes the finest totes and bins on the market. Tier 1 retailers, such as NORDSTROM, rely on our bins for quality, value and detail. Quality Holdings understands retail and the relentless pursuit to create the best shopping experience. We build our bins to custom fit your cabinets, so every line is seamless. We add high quality casters that won't scuff your floors, keeping everything just as you expect. data sheet

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